Tuesday, June 18, 2013


It is in the 90's today and tomorrow. We aren't really use to that here. Juergen put shade cloth over the green house to cool everything down in there. If it’s 90 degrees outside, it’s 120 degrees in the green house! Otherwise all the plants would be killed from the extreme heat. Nicole has gotten rid of all the extra tomatoes (at least I think so). We have set some aside for friends who have asked for them. But I don't think we will have any left by the end of this week. I visited with a friend for breakfast. That was so nice. But when I got home Jessica was there waiting with her teacher. I guess it was just too hot in the workshop. I had forgotten to bring my cell phone. But Philip let them in the house. He was also home early because of the heat. There is no air-conditioning in Germany. Schools close early the few days a year it gets too hot. So I'll need to stay close to home tomorrow too. But it's very nice in the house. I'm going to take Philip, Thomas and Sarah shopping for new shoes. It's supposed to rain on Thursday. And it will be much cooler after that. So we just need to sweat past these few hot days.

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