Saturday, June 29, 2013


HERITAGE Something transmitted by or acquired from a predecessor: legacy We live in an age where people do not care much about heritage or legacy. They only care about now and spend everything on self. But some of us care very much about future generations, and the impact our life has on the future. My dad is an artist, and Nicole has acquired her talent from him. It must make him proud. And even though I know nothing about the birth parents of Philip, Thomas and Sarah, I see the talents they have acquired from their birth families. They have beauty and talent they did not get from me. And their birth families may never know these 3, but the world has been blessed with the legacy of gifts they have born. My Mom seems to be obsessed with her own ancestors. Sometimes I think why? But other times I realize just how much she wants us to know our own heritage, and to honor the shoulders we are standing on. And I have mixed feelings about this because I do not know anything about the families of Sarah, Thomas and Philip. And I don’t want them to feel bad. But I try hard to teach them about China and Thailand. It’s all I can give them, and it’s extremely important to them. It’s going to be the 4th of July and we never really celebrated Independence Day while living in Germany. But this year we are having a party. And I’m kind of surprised by how important the apple pie etc. is to Nicole (who was born in the USA). I guess I take for granted what she longs to know…her heritage.

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caring for the garden said...

No, I am not obsessed with my heritage. I am in awe of it. It is important because it identifies all the stories (good and bad) of those who came before, worked, and sacrificed so that you could have what you do today. This is not limited to money, land, and position. More importantly, it includes beliefs, love of family and sacrifices made to ensure their future, and loyalty to a cause or country. Children adopted into a family may not inherit a particular gene pool or be able to trace centuries of birth parents, but they none the less, inherit all the benefits of heritage from the loving parents who raise and instill in them those characteristics and beliefs. You can not deny the influence you and Jeurgen have had on our three wonderful adopted grandchildren. They most certainly do have a heritage.