Tuesday, June 04, 2013

got help

Nicole is by far my best helper in the garden.  In fact, it's more true to say I help her.  She loves the garden.  And I thought I would not have her help for awhile.  But she has an afternoon workshop this week.  So she helped me all morning.  And I hope we can also work together tomorrow.  We filled 2 raised beds with compost and soil.  Then we planted them with tomatoes.  We also moved the sweet potatoes out of the green house, and planted that raised bed with more tomatoes.  So far we have 40 tomatoes planted in the green house, and another 10 in the garden.  I think I'll try to plant another 20 in the garden.  Then I have about 150 to 200 more to sell.  I was going to give them away, but now Nicole wants to sell them.  She is planning on going to Cyprus this fall on a Missions trip for 6 weeks.  So she wants to raise some of the money selling off the extra tomatoes.  So if you want Heirloom tomatoes, they now cost 1Euro each.  You could have gotten them free yesterday, but you snoozed...and loosed! 

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