Friday, December 18, 2009

we see the house tomorrow

Well, we see the house (God willing) tomorrow afternoon. It will already be getting dark. I think we will need to bring our own lights so we can get a good look at the place. A friend that teaches house renovation at a school will be coming along. I praise God for the connection and insight he can give us. Chances are he will say it is too much work. The house was built in the same year Lincoln was killed (1865). Imagine! It needs new heat, new electric and new water. The top floor needs to be built...walls, insulation , heat etc. I know we haven't got the budget to do everything. For example it could use two new bathrooms. But the bathrooms work, and they really don't "have" to be done. It's just a cosmetic thing. I really want new stairs in the house. The stairs that are there are very steep and small. For safety I want new stairs. I can live with less then perfect. The question is, can we afford the important stuff...and how much time will it involve? I don't want to kill my husband with work. I really want this house. It's not easy for me to think...just think! And Juergen doesn’t have my imagination. He can not see this as anything but an old house. I see it as a beautiful place. It can imagine it finished. He sees only the work and cost…I can not blame him for being less then excited about it. I could never express how much I appreciate Juergen for looking into this just for me!

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