Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A good book

The kids are at winter camp (Philip, Thomas and Nicole). Juergen and I were going to take Sarah and Jessica up North to visit Juergens dad Richard. First Richard was very worried about the snow. We decided to postpone our trip until next week. Then the water pipes broke at Juergens dads house. The whole kitchen floor had to be ripped out. It's good we aren't there now. Richard is 80 something...and he is getting a little "autistic". He needs order. I'm thinking Juergen should go alone to visit Richard. I think the thought of our family visiting him is stressing Richard out. Having a clear routine and order is all he can manage. I think part of this maybe the heart medication they have him on. It thins his blood, but has a negative affect on his memory. Getting old is not for wimps! Richard is an amazing man. He can speak 5 languages. He is an extremely intelligent and gracious person. It must cause him a great deal of fear not to have his sharp mind working at 100%. But our children are very loud and chaotic. I think it would be wise for Juergen to visit Richard alone next time.

So anyway, we are at home. We have been racing around looking at bathroom furniture. We plan to renovate our bathroom. We wanted to begin that this week. We decided not to begin because it's pretty messy. We have a party here Thursday night, and visitors from out of town joining us for the weekend. But planning takes time, and we have made progress with the plans.
Juergen has been reading a novel to me. It's called "Son of Perdition" by Wendy Alec. It is her 3rd novel in a series called the Chronicles of brothers. It begins with The Fall of Lucifer, then the Messiah, and this book is about the rise of the anti Christ. It is very gripping. It is based partly on the Bible, and partly fantasy. Sort of like The Lord of the Rings. I think you can only get the first 2 books in the USA. Son of Perdition is available on Amazon in the UK or you can pre order it in the USA. I gave it to Juergen for Christmas. We have been staying up until 2am every night reading it. We have 100 more pages to go. I'm sure we will try to finish it tonight. In the day we take Jessica and Sarah out to lunch, swimming, and to jump in (a play park). It is a very relaxing time. We pick Philip, Thomas and Nicole up tomorrow. Sorry for my lack of blogging. I'm being pretty lazy while I have a chance.

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