Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Juergen took the kids to church at 4pm. They saw a very good children's play about the Nativity, and forgetting Jesus at Christmas. I stayed home with Jessica and Philip (Philip is sick, and Jess hates crowds). After church we eat Mexican food. It turned out great if I do say so myself. Then we rolled dice to see who got to open the first gift. The highest got the first gift, lowest was last. That worked well. Everyone was pretty happy with their presents. I got a new Mp3 player for my car. I also got candles from the boys and a Susan Boylan CD. Nicole and I took Jessica out for a drive. She didn't seem very satisfied with her gifts. I told her I would take her shopping after Christmas. It's so hard to shop for Jessica. Everyone is playing Wii Resort. I'm going to call my parents. I got a small stack of drawings from the kids. I'll have to scan those for you later. I hope where ever you are tonight that you are blessed...and mostly that you do not forget Jesus.


Shelley said...

Merry Christmas

Rick Moreno said...

I'm just now getting home from Bridget's. It was a nice time. Although, I was fighting the beginnings of a nasty cold. Hope I don't share the love. Amy, when I got home, I looked in the bag I received from Dianna. There, I saw a great calender of you and the family with very inspiring thoughts...and some German candy. Thank you. But even more, Thank You Sara for the wonderful picture. I love it sweet Sara. Thank you.:D
Christmas was really nice this year for me and the boys. Preston and I also got to go to a candlelight service. Thank you Jesus for your amazing gift of you.