Thursday, December 11, 2008

He isn't ADHD

Juergen took Philip and Jessica to a specialist for a QEEG (brain map). You can find out many things about what is working and not working in the brain. Certain disorders like ADHD have a pattern that shows up on a QEEG. Philip had a surprisingly normal brain with an average IQ (104). He does not have ADHD. There is only one area of his brain not working well. This has everything to do with language processing. We do not know why this area doesn't work, just that it doesn't. Every other area of his brain is healthy. That is very good news. Now we can really focus on the why, and how to treat it. He goes to another clinic in January. This information should help us focus on an effective treatment for Philips learning problem. I am surprised he doesn't have ADHD and that he is so much smarter then he is testing. This is great news!!! Jessica did not cooperate with the full testing. We only really know we could do Neurofeedback therapy with her. They did manage to get her to do the therapy for 10 minutes. With a few sessions it probably could work. There is a therapist that does Neurofeedback therapy about 30 minutes from us. They are a normal occupational therapist and our health insurance covers this (I think). If I can find a therapist that is even closer that would be best. I’m not sure how often the kids would need to do this Neurofeedback therapy. It could be once a week, or 3 times per week. Driving 1 hour 3 times per week could be kind of hard. We will see.

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