Wednesday, December 24, 2008

a few thoughts about Christmas

Juergen took the kids to Church while I get the tree ready with the gifts. We open our gifts on Christmas Eve. We do not tell the kids the gifts came from Santa or the Christ child, they come from us. We give gifts because the wise men gave gifts to bless Jesus. Tonight when they get home we will all light a candle and say what we want to give Jesus this year. This will be hard for Philip, Thomas and Sarah but it's a tradition we want to start tonight. I've got time, and prayers to give him. I also want to read the whole Bible in 2009. I also want to teach my kids more about Jesus. Maybe next year this will not be so hard for them. Then they get the gifts and later we will eat.

A funny story I want to write down before I forget...
Juergen went to the store today to buy us this special hair dryer and a juicer. The hairdryer helps you fight lice. It dries out the bugs and the eggs. Sarah gave us all lice this past week. We washed everything, and used a special shampoo. We just want to be extra careful we get all the bugs. The juicer is for our fresh orange juice, this is a Christmas tradition. Anyway all the people in the store looked at Juergen like, "poor man, last minute shopping, and look what pitiful gifts he is getting". He said they all gave him the funniest looks!

God bless you this Christmas.

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Heather said...

Tell J. That it's better than what Bill has to shop for later today - 7 tunes of Toothpaste to go in the stockings! Our stockings aren't exciting, every year we give toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant and something else little. We still do stockings just for the fun of it, but we don't press the Santa issue.
Have a blessed Christmas, May the Kids come to understand the true meaning.
Heather BT