Thursday, November 19, 2015

fear God

Yesterday Jürgen and I went to breakfast in Heidelberg. As we drove past the fields that are near Patrick Henry Village (a camp that now houses 6000 refugees) we saw dozens of people walking to Heidelberg. It is a very long walk. And it made me think of the miles they have walked over the past months. The weather was nice, but it is supposed to snow this weekend. I guess I can understand the fear I hear in the US press. But you should really understand the people who planned the Paris attacks were not refugees. They have lived in Europe for a while. And there are angry and disenfranchised people in America. You are not safe just because you close the door on people, who for the most part are fleeing war. I do not know if allowing 1 ½ million Syrian refugees is a great idea for Germany. I know this is a complex issue in the short and long term. I pray for our leaders. But I hope my Christian brothers and sisters would at the very least express some compassion and understanding. If you do not want refugees for security reasons, I get it. But pray for a resolution for those fleeing from war. I feel the same about the children fleeing the drug wars in South and Central America. Please have some compassion. You are afraid you may get hurt…but God will judge you. Perhaps you should fear God more then you fear ISIS.

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