Friday, November 27, 2015

dark cloths

The ground is covered with a heavy frost outside. I boiled water to put in the water container of my chickens. They waited for me to give them extra food today. They need it because of the cold. And I will not be leading the prayer group I usually lead on Fridays. Instead I need to shop for cloths for my kids to wear to their Opas funeral. The cold dark weather seems to mimic my mood. I am really sad. I’m making a slide show, and buying cloths, and it all seems real again. And the feelings of loss and gratitude are with me again. I seem to keep busy, and push these feelings aside. But they are with me and I guess that is just part of being human. We feel love, and we feel loss. But we also know hope, and the strongest emotion I feel at the moment is gratitude. I am thankful for knowing such an amazing, good man like Richard Heymann. I thank God for the life that he has lead.

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