Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Easter

I took Juergen out on a date last night.  Our new idea is that once a month one of us will plan a date with the other one in mind.  So I took him first to a cafe in a big music store.  After coffee we looked at guitars.  Then we had pizza at one of his favorite restaurants.  And then I had tickets for fast and furious 7.  Many of you know one of the main actors (Paul Walker) died last year in a car accident.  They did a tribute to him at the end of the film.  Juergen cried. I wanted it to be a good time.  It ended up being a sober reflection about life, and how fragile it can be.  We thought of all those students in Kenya that lost their lives this week.  Imagine the courage it took not to deny Christ.  Sometimes it feels so strange to have it so good in a world of such great pain. But I know how everything can change in 3 short days.  You have the cross…and everything seems lost.  And then God moves in his great power. And Jesus is alive!  


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