Saturday, October 18, 2014

please pray

Juergen has gone up to North Germany to be with his dad.  He is 86 years old and very sick.  We don't expect him to live much longer.  Please pray for the family.

update: Richard (Jürgen’s dad) had a better day. Jürgen sat with him all day. He is calm and breathing better. Thank you all for your prayer. I love Richard. He is one of the best persons
I know. But I do not want to see him suffer, He is ready to go home. I pray for grace. I pray for grace for the entire family.


Shelley Stuewe said...

We will

caring for the garden said...

I am grateful that Juergen has both opportunity and means to spend a little time with his Dad. Just the physical contact of holding his hand is so important. It is the sharing of love that passes between them, no matter the form it takes, that will always be remembered. Dad and I will keep all of you in prayer. Mom

Rick Moreno said...

I am late to hearing this news, but am praying this time is well spent with his father.