Monday, October 13, 2014

lice again

Sarah has lice again.  She got it at summer camp and we have treated it 3 times now.  Today I decided not to use the chemical shampoos. I’ve used them 2 times without effect.  Today I crushed garlic and made a paste with lemon juice and tea tree oil and hair conditioner.  I messaged that into her hair, Nicole’s hair and my hair.  Washed it out after one hour.  And finally used the lice comb.  We have smelly heads!  I'm not sure Nicole and I had lice, we just wanted to play it safe!  We had house guests but they packed up and left.  I'm not sure if it was the lice that drove them away?  Maybe it was just a coincidence? We have to repeat the garlic treatment in 10 days.  Oh the joy of being a Mom!

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