Saturday, February 01, 2014

on the job

I was wondering what you would call an economy where you pay to work. Philip and Thomas started to deliver ad papers today. It's not actually easy to get a job delivering ad papers because it's one of the only jobs you can get in Germany if you are under the age of 18. So officially it's Thomas' job, but Philip and Sarah are both helping. And it's supposed to take 2 hours a week. It took at least 4 hours for them to sort the papers and deliver them. I'm guessing they will get faster as time goes on. Juergen bought them a 60€ cart to carry the papers on. And he also went with them to make sure they did it right. And because they will get paid so little for the job, we are considering paying Sarah for her role out of our own pocket (paying her to deliver papers). But I guess we are seeing it as a start. We are placing them all on the ladder of success. How can you learn to work if you do not have opportunity? And when you are faithful in one job (the foot in the door) you will get more opportunity (climb that ladder). So we are not looking at how much work they must do to get paid such a small sum, but that all 3 of them are learning to work outside of the home. Sarah is officially volunteering because she cannot legally work. But she wants to help, she wants to work. That girl will make something of her life!

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