Sunday, February 23, 2014

A beautiful day

The weather was really lovely today. It seemed more like May then February. Juergen and I took Jessica for a drive. I would have liked a walk but Jess wouldn't walk. The sky was almost unreal. I wish I could paint. My painter Nicole is starting to pack her bags. She leaves for America in a week. She will be there for 5 weeks. I look back at all our adventures together last year. She is well on the way to new adventures. What an exciting period in her life. And I have my ticket too. God willing, I will join Nicole in Oregon at the end of March (only for 10 days). I would love more time, but I'm grateful to have the opportunity. Juergen must take time off of work, and take care of the family alone. It is not very easy. So my adventure will be short, but sweet! I hope to get some work done in the garden this week. I also hope to be doing some teaching in March. So I must study. It's easy to study when it's cold. I never thought the weather would be so nice. It is hard to study when it is spring!


Shelley Stuewe said...

it's hard to do anything that isn't out door related when the weather is nice.

Rick Moreno said...

Looking forward to seeing Nicole. I am lining up a few art projects for us. I'ts gonna be fun! Oh, while I'm thinking of it, how hard is it to bring over a tube of Mustard? It is delicious, my favorite by far!!. Have an awesome day. Here's to adventures.