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Feeling fragile

I have not been managing my day well. I took Jessica to her autism therapy this morning, and she would not get out of the car (this is the 4th straight week this has happened). I went into the center and started to cry. This is not my normal coping skill. I just don't feel well. I cannot handle anything well. I took the boys to their dentist appointment this afternoon. They have not taken good care for their teeth and the Dr yelled at me. I felt really awful. First he should yell at my sons. They are 16 years old and I do not brush their teeth for them. But normally I would not take the criticism so hard. I'm just feeling so sick (still). And it really has me feeling both emotionally and physically tired. I hate feeling so fragile, but unfortunately I am still sick.


RamblingMother said…
Lifting you in prayer today, sister!

Dear Jesus, place Your peace that passes all understanding on your child, Amy, today so that she feels Your love, grace and mercy heavily as she moves through her day. Amen
Rick Moreno said…
I had a sense that something wasn't right I know God is bigger than us and yet, He cares deeply about us. Have peace in that today. Love you.
All who know and love you are very much aware of what an amazing mother and person in general, that you are. All the hardships will pass. We are praying that you will be lifted up in spirit and healed physically. Mom
Shelley Stuewe said…
sorry this happened.
Your right the Dr. obviously doesn't have good people skills and shouldn't be yelling at you for a 16 year olds behavior. They are big enough to take care of themselves. He's the one who should be yelled at, if he expects to have patience he needs better people skills.

I hope you feel better soon.

You do have a lot on your plate.

Pray for encouragement and strength to get through each day.

Love, Ya Shell
Eric Stuewe said…
I'm so sorry about your rough day, Amy. I'm praying for you now. I will 2nd what Rick said. God is bigger than us and our circumstances. God Loves you so much. Eric
Eva said…
<3 <3 <3

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