Monday, December 16, 2013

The tree is up

Sarah and I decorated the tree together. Christmas trees are special. At least for me they hold so many memories. The sheep my niece Carmen made me when she was about 3, the cat I bought Jessica a few years ago, an angle I bought for Sarah when we adopted her in Nanjing, China. Only 4 more days of school and then we have a 2 week vacation. Jürgen is taking the whole vacation too. I’m looking forward to the visits with friends, and the food, and sleeping in. Jürgen and Jessica helped Sarah shop for the tree at IKEA on Friday. I got some good pictures of Jessica. The photo's of Jessica are on the Christmas letter found HERE. Just scroll down to Jessica. 22 years ago today my 3 month old baby Jessica had open heart surgery. Her name means God's gift, new life, and she was given life 22 years ago. I think our house in Leimen is officially paid for today. That's pretty cool too! 16 has always been my favorite number.

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