Thursday, December 05, 2013

jet lag is a drag

Philip and I arrived home after a 28 hour trip. Philip seems fine. He got up early Tuesday morning and went right to school. I, on the other hand am so tired I feel sick. Jessica is home with a very bad cold. I think I am not only fighting jet lag, I'm getting Jessica's head cold. And my back also hurts from the very long flight. I'm feeling my advanced age. Yesterday I did manage to pull the Christmas stuff out of the attic and begin to decorate. Germany is expecting a very large winter storm today. But the very bad weather is going to be in the North, and we live in the South. We are supposed to get snow on the weekend. I like to watch snow fall, but I hate the cold. I wish I had a fireplace I could sit next to, or a bath tub I could soak in. I have those two things on my wish list...and one day I may have a bath tub and a fire place. I'm actually glad I don't have everything...what is life without dreams yet to come true?

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Rick Moreno said...

Thank you for the time together. And, for the ticket to PHX. It will be an important trip. Your prayers are appreciated. I love you and hope you recover soon.