Thursday, December 12, 2013

My art

A day or so ago, I wrote on Facebook that I was not the artist my sisters and brother are. I don't sew, or do needle work or painting. I didn't say I was not creative, just not as creative as they are (it is a matter of degree). And believe that statement is true. But I'm home with this bad cold. And I had these dried flowers I've been meaning to do something with. So with the help of a hot glue gun I made this wreath. I grew the flowers and dried them myself. I love how it turned out. And it smells like lavender. And the good thing is it can stay up all year long, not just for Christmas.

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Rick Moreno said...

Hey Amy, that's pretty cool!
I just got back from Phoenix last night, for now I will say it was a very blessed trip. More later. Thanks to you ansd Jurgen. Love you.