Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sweet 16

Today Nicole is 16 years old! In a way she has always seemed like a 30 year old because she is so wise. In other ways she seems like a ten year old...just wanting to play and still hold on to childhood. I hope she always stays wise and young at heart. It really is the best way to be. We are already trying to prepare ourselves for letting go of our most beautiful child. A friend said I sounded happy about Nicole maybe (Maybe) going to America to University. I'm not happy, I'm sad. But I guess I've always known she would want to spend at least some time in America. Why not? And so if I'm happy about anything, it's that she is considering a move to Corvallis, Oregon. This is where my parents and sisters live. I could at least have the peace of mind knowing she is surrounded by people that love her and will care for her. She is not gone yet. Believe me, I will not just let these next few years pass by unappreciated. I have always loved Nicole, wanted her, and thanked God for her. She is extremely special. Happy birthday my beautiful, beautiful sweetheart!


Shelley said...

Happy birthday Nicole.
Does she drive yet?
When do Germans drive?

Rick Moreno said...

Happy Birthday Nicole,you Rock!