Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dad is home!

I got a call from my Dad. He just got out of the hospital. He is doing pretty good. Mom is also doing well. She is finally allowed to put some weight on her broken leg. It's been a very long summer for them. My brother in law Paul is also recovering from surgery. He sounds good. He has a very high deductible on he's health insurance and also lost allot of income from this whole illness. It's a really tough financial hit for them. I'm sure that has to be hard, they were trying so hard to get debt free. I'm sure they feel like so many hard working folks in America (and all over the world). I'm just glad he will be ok health wise. I pray God helps them recover all that was lost.

I'm getting nervous about Thailand. I always feel a little crazy before a big trip. Did I pack everything? Is everything taken care of? And how will Jessica be on the flight? I worry too much. We go in 4 days (God willing). I just need to relax and breath!

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