Thursday, August 06, 2009

my families health

My Dad will have surgery for a bowel obstruction some time today. I first read about this on my sister Shelley’s blog. Then I read e-mail from my mom. I guess it happened late last night and they didn’t want to phone me . We have a 9 hour time difference. I waited on pins and needles all day, then called mom. No news. I guess she will wake me tonight to tell me how he is. My brother in law had a small stroke last week. He goes into the Dr today, and will also get surgery to remove a blockage in his arteries. So we are a family with some medical needs.

I am against the rushed “health care reform” being pushed through congress. I am not against health care reform. I feel they need to slow down and get it right. I also think the US government would do a poor job running things. I know what it's like to have a medical need and no health care. It strikes fear into a persons heart. I also have seen people who had a real need have to fight for coverage. We have “” good health care but still have to fight for services like speech therapy for Philip. We pay a lot for our insurance too! Do not let congress try to convince you that not being in favor of the crap they are peddling is a vote against all reform. We want real reform…and not just higher taxes with a promise of fewer services! My parents would be hurt by Obamas health plan. Maybe this would harm you or your parents too? Do not stay uninvolved on this issue. Write your Congressperson/Senator and tell them to read the bill…and slow down and get it right. They have the votes to pass anything they darn well please…but you can promise them to remember their votes next time there is an election!!!


Shelley said...

It's a rough day for the family and their medical needs.

I'm more determined than ever to take care of myself, I can't afford to get sick.

So eating boring Oatmeal for breakfast everyday to keep my cholesterol down is a must.
Exercising in the yard is a must.
Getting enough sleep is a must.

I don't know the answer for medical reform and insurance. I know it's mess up. But I don't think we should pass something if it isn't right. Because you can't undo it.

Shelley said...

Dad's surgery went well, Paul surgery is monday, Rick hurt his back really bad.
The dream team is coming today to help with the cleaning up of the backyard.
YOu can check my blog for updates.
Love, Shelley