Saturday, January 30, 2016

we will keep looking

I'm very tired and sad. Nicole and I had to pick Philip up from the Discipleship Training School in Hurlach. He had a great time there, but could not follow the program because of his challenges. So it just did not work out. And I'm honestly so heart broken. But they may start a 3 month work program there at the end of March. So there is a chance he can return to do very hands on, practical work. In the meantime he needs about 6 weeks of work. In Germany you can do what are called practicums. These are jobs you can basically try to see if you want to train in an area. Maybe we can find him a few practicums? Last night we had our first evening MOPS group in Heidelberg. The topic was called raising adults. And the challenge is often how we get past hard issues and stay focused on the task. And when you have kids with disabilities this is increasingly harder. There are allot of things he cannot do, but so many things he can do. So we will just bush off the disappointments and try to stay focused on what is good. Keep on swimming…keep on swimming! I’m sorry it did not work, but so grateful they gave him the chance to try the DTS. He enjoyed it very much. When God closes a door, he opens a window.

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