Sunday, January 17, 2016

Discipleship Training School

My son Philip is going to Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Hurlach, Germany. The DTS begins tonight and we just found out about it. Juergen called them to ask if Philip could get in the school. They said he could try it for two weeks to see if it would work for him. So it's just a test. If it works, he will be there for 3 months, and then go on a 3 month out reach. They go to places like China and Africa. But we don't know where that will be. He is really unhappy with his school. We have been praying for direction in his life. You need to be 18 to do a DTS. Philip just turned 18 on January 1st. Juergen will drive him to the school in the morning. It is about 4 hours away. We do not know if it will work out, but we are so grateful for the chance. We don't know what Philips school will say about him leaving right now. I guess we just need prayer. But we are so grateful for the chance to try it for a few weeks.

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