Sunday, December 27, 2015

A bird in the hand or two must go

I’ve had a few people ask me what I would do with my chickens when they got old. Could I kill them? They are meat birds after all. This morning the roosters started to crow one hour early at 6am. I ran outside with just my jacket over my PJ’s. I grabbed both of the roosters (one in each hand). Because it was cold, I came back into the house and sat with the birds in the hallway. It was not easy. They are very big birds... And after a half hour I could not do it anymore, so I called for Nicole to help me. A half hour later, the alarm clock rang, and Jürgen ran down the stairs to go get the roosters out of their pen before they woke the neighbors. And of course he found us. But the birds started to pant hard. So we decided to put them in the small bathroom. And they crapped all over the floor right away. Thank God they waited to do that. We gave them food and water, and waited until 8:30am to let them out. They crowed their little hearts out, but we hope it was not so loud. The windows are new with 3x glass. Jürgen went outside, and said the noise was very small. And I had to scrub the bathroom with bleach after the bids were returned to the garden. The farmer will take them back tomorrow. I don’t know if he will keep them or kill them. But as I held them by myself at 6am I thought I could do it. I could kill them with my bare hands…no problem! They have had a good life. They are so beautiful. But I am not going to wake up early every morning to keep them from waking the neighbors. The farmer says he does not have any more hens to replace the ones I lost, and these 2 roosters. I’ll just have to wait.

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