Thursday, October 15, 2015

Big birds

Nicole took my camera to Cyprus but she is too busy to take pictures. I would like to take pictures of my garden and my chickens. I put bales of straw in the chicken run to block the wind and keep the birds warmer. One of the birds is sleeping in the straw and not in the house. I started feeding them whole corn. I've read that is very good for them in the winter. And they continue to grow bigger, but we still have no eggs. I'm not 100% sure we got rid of the red mites that killed 2 of the birds. The vet said this is why they have not been laying yet. I'm still not 100% sure they are all girls, but they are not crowing. So I am hopeful I only have girls! It can take giant Brahma chickens up to 2 years to reach their full size. It is like I've got Ostridges with short legs not chickens!

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