Thursday, November 06, 2014

The post office

Nicole and I went to the store for Gluten free stuff to finish filling 2 packages I just sent to my parents.  Being at the post office today was like being in a Carol Burnet sketch.  Tim Conway was the incompetent post man.  It literally took an hour to send those two packages.  It's not like there was a line, we were the only customers.  And I kept saying my daughter was coming on the bus, my disabled daughter is coming on the bus I need to hurry.  Finally I sent Nicole home with the car, I finished with the incompetent postman.  Sadly I think he may have dementia.  Perhaps he needs to retire.  I was ok, as long as Jessica had someone at home to greet her.  I do hope these packages actually make it to America.  They seem to be losing packages.  I don't even have tracking numbers, he was unable to manage that. I just hope for the best!

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