Monday, November 17, 2014

Sarah gave us a scare

My daughter Sarah had to be rushed to the hospital by Jürgen and Nicole. She got a scratch from a cat she was playing with. It turns out she is very allergic. She was swelling up. A little scary for a short while. But they gave her something and an hour later she is fine. In a few weeks we will run some tests to see what else she might be allergic to. I’m sure she could have died, but thank God she is OK.

update: She will stay home from school today. She has a small fever. But I am so glad we have "modern medicine". It clearly cannot heal everything. But simple things like an allergic reaction use to kill people (well sometimes still do). We are all living by grace. But I am glad she is fine. I am also glad they told us to see what else she is allergic to. It is wise to know.

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