Monday, August 26, 2013

should we think about this?

The good news is a very nice family with 3 kids wants to see our house for rent on Wed night.  They have 3 kids, and their house is being sold so they need a place October 1st.  The bad news is one of them smokes.  Should we rent to a smoker?  It's hard to get rid of that smell.  Everyone says they plan to stay a long time, and say they will smoke outside, but I'd have to repaint the entire house after they move out.  Is it worth renting to a smoker?    Sorry but I’m just thinking of the long term costs.  If we need to re rent the house, it may take time to get rid of the smell.  It may make it very hard to re rent. 


caring for the garden said...

Because they smoke, you might consider asking for a damage deposit of what it would cost to re-paint.

Shelley Stuewe said...

I wouldn't do it. Just because I know the work involved in getting smoke out of a smokers house. Our last house was that way and it was a lot of work, we washed walls with TSP the walls seeped out nicotine we couldn't get it all out. So we had to buy an expensive paint that sealed it in. Then we had to buy paint to go over that. We then had to paint everything walls, ceiling, cabinets inside and out. It took 3 months of cleaning and painting.