Thursday, March 07, 2013


I heard a term yesterday, “dumb phone” as compared to the smart phone. I have a dumb phone and I hardly ever use it. I think smart phones are cool. My problem with smart phones are the cost. It cost allot to actually maintain a smart phone. What are the monthly fees? I realize some people actually need (as in need not just want) the features of a smart phone. The fees are just necessary. But for so many people I know the 300-600€ yearly fees are kind of crazy. And I question how at least Christians can be paying that kind of money for a phone, while they give so little to the needs of the poor. And I know none of my friends are spending more for their phones then they do on orphans and the hungry. I just imagine the power of a church that just carried dumb phones, got rid of cable TV, and stopped drinking daily 5 dollar coffees and just began to consider the world that does not have clean water or food. I’m not agents good coffee now and then. I go to Starbucks about two times a year. But then again, I give and carry a dumb phone. And maybe you need your smart phone? I’m not judging you if you do. I’m only hoping you also give. Do you give more to the poor then you pay for your phone? Just wondering.

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Eva said...

I have a smartphone and no monthly costs. I use internet on wifi only at home or at free hot spots. I just pay the calls I make and they are less than 3 euros a month.

I have the smartphone bc I can do a lott more with it than go to the internet or call people, like watch the stars and know the names of them, or read - that way I don't have to pay money for a kindle. I can also use it as a navigator or as a compass, which helped us just recently in Oman to get out of the bazaar labyrinth ;-). I can play games on it, too. And use it as a camera, flashlight and many other things.