Thursday, October 12, 2017

what photos would you use

I took mom out to breakfast today. I got up to get some milk for her coffee. When I returned to the table there was an old gentleman talking to mom. He was speaking in German and she did not understand him. Then he began speaking with me. He had 3 photos in his hands. One was his wedding picture. He mentioned that one of the groom’s men had died from cancer. He smoked too much. There was a photo of his daughter. She was beautiful but had no kids and has been divorced 3 times. And a photo of his coworkers at an Engineering firm in Heidelberg. He was on the board and retired with 10 million Euro. I would have asked him to sit down and join us for breakfast. Clearly, he had dementia and just wanted to talk. But mom has jet lag, and this was our first meal together. So the man went to another table and shared with them. It made me wonder 2 things. First, if he really has millions of Euros, and how money still could not save him from dementia. But also what photos would I share with people to summarize my life?

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