Thursday, June 09, 2016


Our new dog "Lucy" is the one with the red collar. She is now 5 weeks old. We will pick her up after our vacation in August. She lives near Prag in the Czech Republic. Until then, I’m so glad she gets all this good bonding time with her mom and sibs! It is good for dogs to bond in a pack. When she comes to us, we will need to teach her her place in our pack. When I was in America, I did not have much time for shopping. But I still managed to buy a half a suitcase full of stuff for Lucy. I got her special dog towels, a collar, a vest, a leash, toys etc. I'm planning on pouring a lot of love into my new baby! She will take me on long walks. That will be very good for my health. And she will listen to me and hear all my sadness, hopes and dreams. Dogs are good for people.

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