Monday, May 16, 2016


Just ordered √Ątznatron Natriumhydroxid NaOH from Amazon. This is Lye you need to make soap. I have never made homemade soap before. I would like to teach a workshop on soap making in July, so I thought I would practice it a few times. I want to start with a basic olive oil soap, then do a goat’s milk and honey soap. Maybe I'll use Lavender or roses? When you make soap, you use lye with some kind of liquid. It could be pure water, or milk, or juice. And you stir the lye with the liquid until it is completely dissolved. You need to do this outside with glasses and gloves for protection. If you do not want the milk to turn brown, you need to freeze it first, and slowly add the lye. Lye makes things get very hot. If milk gets too hot, it changes color and smells. I’ve been watching how to videos on YouTube. You can learn so much from YouTube. Every soap also needs fat. You can use olive oil or coconut oil for example. You mix your lye and liquid mixer, then you add it slowly to your fat. And you use a hand mixer to blend this together until it looks like pudding. Then you can add color or essential oils. And you add it to molds. It must set 24 hours. Then you take it from the molds and let it cure for 4 weeks. You need to follow recipes. Every kind of soap requires a different kind of measurement of the fats to liquid. I have never done it, but I’ll try it this week. And we will see if it is as easy as it seems.

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