Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Our big party

We are not as pretty as we once were 25 years ago. Someone asked me what our secret to a happy marriage is. I think we have always been so busy fighting outside battles we never had time to fight each other. We are a good team. And we respect each other. We support each other’s dreams. I know I also got really blessed to marry the best person in the world for me. That has made it very easy. It seems like time went by so fast.I love honor and respect Juergen

. That is not hard to do because he is so wonderful!
I thank my sisters Dianna, and Shelley, my brother Rick, my sister in law Amy, her sister Sue, and my friend well as many friends who helped make the party great.  Thank you Ralf for the photos.  So many people made it really wonderful!  

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Rick Moreno said...

I already miss you BIG TIME!