Thursday, February 26, 2015

Starting plants from seed

Planting Heirloom tomatoes seeds today. God willing, we will have maybe 1000 plants to give away by April 19th. I would be happy to give a few 100 plants to your church or school, or even your friends, neighbors and family. If anyone wants to help us transplant seedlings, label plants, or help donate potting soil then let me know. We will most likely have one work day around April 12th. This year we are also planting sunflowers, lettuce, cucumbers, kale, peppers, squash, pumpkins, cabbages, and maybe another 20 other vegetables to be given away at the FEG Heidelberg on April 19th (both services). If you have friends that want to garden, bring them to church on April 19th. They will walk away with a garden worth of free plants. And even if you just have a balcony, you can grow a tomato plant, and a few heads of lettuce. We want to bless you and teach you to grow your own food.

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