Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nicole is thinking about going to Stanford

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Nicole just started to learn fencing. I said "why don't you look at US schools that have fencing teams, maybe you can get a scholarship"? She found Stanford, and now she thinks maybe she would like to go there! She doesn't graduate for two more years, but I must say she has pretty good taste! I can not afford the tuition (non international tuition was $37,000 per year with another $12,000 for living costs/ and for international students it's so much more). She would need some kind of scholarship. They say she was born to fence. She is left handed and almost 6 feet tall. Of course the good fencing teams are not West. I think Harvard has the best fencing team in America. I don't even want to know what Harvard cost! I just read Harvard does not give athletic scholarships! Dreams are free…she has two years to dream! Why dream small?


Shelley said...

Dreams are good.
who nows it might happen

Heather BT said...

She'd always be welcome here for holidays (not too close in MI, but we're here)