Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Birthday

Today I turn 47 years old. I have a very bad cold so I'm feeling old. Juergen has the week off and so do the kids. We had a very nice breakfast. I'm proud of my man; he went out of his way to spoil me. I'm actually terrible. I told my kids last night that if they wanted birthday gifts on their next birthday from me, I had better have some gifts today! You should have seen Thomas as his eyes bugged out. He ran down stairs to his room and began drawing! They all went to draw my gifts! Nicole said, I already made you something. I laughed and said, I know...I'm just kidding! Still I want them to learn to give and not just receive. Juergen and I sat in the dinning room and could hear our children laughing as they drew. It was great! And this morning they were all proud to give me a gift. I got an electric fireplace from Juergen. It also works as a heater, but we don't need a space heater. It's strictly for looks. It will sit in my bedroom to give us a warm romantic light. I love it! I'm going to look around for an old fireplace mantle. There was a great second hand store near us that would have had a mantle, but they went out of business 9 months ago. I'll probably have a dinner party with some friends in a week or two. We did this last year. It was so much fun. For today I am over blessed to be surrounded by my family. It’s raining outside and I have a cold. I’m going to go to bed and look at my fire.

BTW, the first picture of the women made from leaves was done by Nicole. It is supose to be the leaves coming to life in Narnia. The photo does not do it justice. It is amazing.


Karen of Scottsdale said...

Get well soon. No fun to be sick on your birthday.

Beverly said...

happy belated. Hope you feel better soon. great art work from your kids.

Jodi said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you are feeling better soon!
What a awesome present from Jergen! Love it! And all the art work! That is the best!
I asked my kids to do their skit over again the other night that they had done for me for my birthday over the summer.
Those are the best gifts!
Nichole is so very talented!!!

Heather said...

What great gifts, I think the best part was that you could hear laughter while they worked on them. Nicole's talent - Wow, she's awesome.

Happy Birthday my friend.
Heather BT

Life in Lewisburg said...

I'm glad you had a good birthday despite your cold I pray you get well soon. A fire place and some hot tea sounds like it can do you a lot of good.
Love, Shelley